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”I connected with Kim for coaching after my yearly physical. My blood pressure and cholesterol were both elevated and requiring medication. I was also overweight, feeling generally sluggish, and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours per night. Kim began to teach me how my mental, emotional, and physical health are all interconnected and how making small, gradual changes in one area of my life impacts all areas. Fast forward 14 months and my story had completely changed. I have considerably more energy throughout the day and my general outlook and attitude have vastly improved. I consistently sleep through the night, usually getting 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. My physical activity now routinely includes yoga and stretching with focused breathing, and I am consistently walking 15 to 25 miles per week. As a result of increasing my physical activity and making wiser food choices throughout the day, I have lost over 40 pounds – I don’t even mind having to purchase a new wardrobe, having dropped 2 full pant sizes and switching out my XXL shirts for extra-large and larges.

Kim’s whole body and mind approach to healthy life coaching has been a true blessing in my life. It is clear that she sincerely cares for her clients and her easy-going style is both comforting and encouraging. Kim’s vast knowledge of the ways in which to find the optimal balance between mental, emotional, and physical health for an individual enabled her to tailor a coaching program specific to my individual needs. I honestly believe that the level of improved health and well-being I’ve attained over this past 14-months is a result of Kim’s coaching and support and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her.”

Hear what my clients have said

- Todd M.

”Kim has been an incredible support for me as I have been going through my weight loss journey. One of the most helpful things that Kim introduced me to was a new approach to eating. It made me face my "bad” habits and what was keeping me from succeeding. I have focused more on my lifestyle and creating better habits. Changes in these areas has been successful. She introduced me to the 90/10 diet which focuses on eating healthy, whole foods 90% of the time and eating processed and refined foods only 10% of the time. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it I found it works for me. She challenged me to think about WHY I wanted to lose weight and make that a part of my thinking each day, as well as setting goals each week to help me achieve my WHY goals. I have learned to focus on the quality of the food that I eat and not the quantity. This was new for me. I had always used a “check list” of how much I was allowed to eat. A big part of Kim’s program was encouraging me to try new things. I was actually surprised by how much I liked some of these suggestions. I now eat brown rice instead of white rice and include other whole grains in my diet. I have switched to maple syrup from white or brown sugar in a number of my food choices. She has given me many resources too. I have incorporated Intermittent Fasting into my lifestyle and have read other interesting topics, not to mention an abundance of healthy recipes! My journey is not over, but I have so many new tools and resources to help me continue on to a healthier life. I am grateful to Kim for her unwavering support and encouragement to me all along the way.”

- Monica C.

"I came into health coaching with Kim having no expectations really... I just knew that I did not feel healthy and needed some guidance. Kim offered many helpful suggestions and worked with me to figure out what lifestyle changes I needed to make to feel better. There was never any pressure or judgment for the choices that I was making; Kim is super easy to talk to and very good at what she does. I came out of the experience with newfound insight on how to eat better and feel better! I would absolutely recommend Kim to anyone wanting to feel their best! She is awesome."

- Micaiah J.